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Villi virta

Villi Virta is a czech kennel specializing in working German Shepherds and Tervueren Belgian shepherd , with sound bodies, healthy and stable temperaments.  Established in 2011, first litter come in 2012.

Our domain is working with dogs and train them to hight level competition. Due to we are not breeding regularly and have just one or two female dog. Our breeding pair must be typically for their breed, have excellent character, top healthy and get the highest working titles. 

The kennel name Villi Virta means Wild river in finland language. Wild river is historically old name of Chomutovka,

the small river flows near our house.




Kopie IMG-20201006-WA0004_edited.jpg




Previous dogs




            More information here

            All pictures on online album here 

11.9. puppies "D" Villi Virta are already named :-)

       males- Dante, Darwin, Dinozzo

       females- Dara, Debbie, Diva, Dixi, Dizzy

9.8. litter "D" Villi Virta is here :-) Chilli delivered 8 lovely puppies - 3 males and 5 females

         We accept the reservations. More info here.

         Belgica Blue Penny & Gump Deabei

24.7.2023 added new photoalbum of Chilli  and Rixie :-)

20.7. Brixie Padimor got the IGP2 title :-)

10.+11.6. Chilli was mate by awesome Gump :-) Very nice, quickly and naturaly date  ;-)

     Belgica Blue Penny & Gump Deabei

4.6.  Brixie Padimor got the IGP1 title, bite work 100 points :-)

28.5.2023 Chilli starts heating, we are looking forward to visit awesome Gump Deabei :-)

20.3. news of our litters :-)

Abbie Villi Virta - paticipate the competition in England - IGP3  (A 90 - B 88 - C 90) 

10.1.2023 Planned litter for Autumn 2023 - Tervuerens "D" Villi Virta. More info here.


11.12. news of our litters :-)

  Beefeater Villi Virta - passed the IGP1 (A 72 without all objects, B 84, C 86a)

15.11. news of our litters :-)

  Abbie Villi Virta - passed the IGP3  (A 94 - B 81 - C 90) 

  Ammon Villi Virta - passed IFH-V na 90points. In age 10,5 years he is still in perfect condition!

28.10. - 30.10. Selective competitition to Czech championship 2023 in Libočany unfortunatelly we weren´t success :-(

  Arrow Villi Virta & Belgica Blue Penny - disqualification

  Baxter Villi Virta- 29th place (244 b) - he saved Villi Virta reputation ;-)


22.10. news of our litters :-)

  Brusinka Villi Virta got the BH/VT title

30.9.-2.10.  Czech championship of belgian shepherd CMC club Duchcov- Belgica Blue Penny 22nd place (A 76 - B 88- C 85). Pictures and more czech text here

24.9.  Brixie Padimor was succesfully on the show - she got the best title in her cathegory - Very good 4 (from     9females in cathegory, just 3 nice show-line females were better)

  news of our litters :-)

  Baxter Villi Virta CACT Chodov 2022 - working title res. CACT (95,91,88)


27.8.  I meet the requirements and the exams to be a Judge in a sport cynology, 1st class

19.8.  Brixie Padimor got the BH/VT title

7-8/22 we fully enjoyed the summer season :-) Thank you to all for perfect days!

  * training camp in Kyjov with Gábina Macounova and David Hanel

  * half of training camp in Lomnice with Anna and Tomas Louda, Jan Kuncl

  * half of training camp in Louny with Marek Hytych

  * training camp in Bochovice with Alena Sanktusova and David Hanel

15.8. news of our litters :-)

  Arrow Villi Virta - Championship of young people - IGP3 2nd place (A 92 - B 89 - C 87)

  Brusinka Villi Virta - competition O pohár Žďárku BH/VT 1st place

16.-18.6.  Belgica Blue Penny - Czech championship IGP3 Česká Třebová -A 63 - B 91- C 86  detail info (in CZ)

27.4.  perfect healthy new - Brixie Padimor - RTG HD A, ED 0/0, Spondy neg

15.-17.4.  Belgica Blue Penny - Selective competitition to Czech championship Slavětín and Ohří - 8th place/48 (A 84 - B 91- C 86) We are nominated to Czech championship 2022! :-)

7.4. news of our litters :-)

  Baccary Villi Virta - SDCA1 N/N, SDCA2 N/N, CJM N/N, neof rtg HD A, ED A, SA0

  Beefeater Villi Virta got BH-VT title

1.2. nice healthy results from Genomia :-)

  Belgica Blue Penny CJM N/N

  Sagar Faustus Bohemia DM N/N

1.2. add the new pictures of "C" tervuerens before they go to new homes

7.1. 2022  Puppies "C" tervuerenes are already named :-)

  males Cairo & Cooper & Coudy

  females Cayenne & Coco-nut & Corsica & Crazy & Cookie & Coffee & Cita


27.12. 2021  Happy NEW YEAR 2022!  

13.12.   puppies "C" Villi Virta are delivered! 7 sweety girls and 3 sweety boys :-) Recervation are open.

20.11.   Sagar Faustus Bohemia passed the IGP2 (A 92 - B 90 - C 92)

13.11.   Sagar Faustus Bohemia got the breeding licence - 1st breeding class, code 4QVZ1/P

           Beefeater Villi Virta - rg HD A, ED A, SA0

11.11.   Belgica Blue Penny is pregnant :-), litter "C" Villi Virta 

16.10.   Abbie Villi Virta passed the IGP1

28.10.   Sagar Faustus Bohemia got the Very good mark on Show, class working males

16.10. + 17.10.   Belgica Blue Penny had a date with Vano Deabei

16.10.    Arrow Villi Virta passed the IGP3

            Apple Villi Virta passed the IFH1

            Sagar Faustus Bohemia passed theIGP1

28.9. Planned litter C Villi Virta - our Chilli & Vano Deabei - healthy and very nice dog, participant of Czech hight level championship in IGP3 cathegory 

26.-26.9. Belgica Blue Penny- CACIT Horní Bříza - 17th place/32 (A 89 - B 77 - C 74) Details and pictures here (in CZ)


6.-8.8.  Belgica Blue Penny- CACIT Dobříš - 10th place /64 (A 95 - B 94 - C 82), title CACT, CACIT details and pitures here (in CZ)

2.-4.7.  Belgica Blue Penny Czech championship of all breeds Horní Bříza, IGP3 - 24 th place/66 (A 93 - B 81 - C 87) Details and pictures here (in CZ)

29.5.  Mud dog race spring. Our challenge with Chilli! We done the insidiousness on the 5km long track :-)  Chilli was perfect support and we enjoy thes especially trial :-)

22.5.  Spring Extreme Dog Race - Dolany u Klatov. First competition with insidiousness on the trail with Chilli - pro just the FUN cathegory, 3km..


4.5. Belgica Blue Penny passed the exam ZVV2 (A 97 - B 79 without ladder- C 96) 

History of news from years 2011-2020 you can find here, but just in Czech languare

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